Metromale clinic and Fertility Center - Speciality Men's Fertility, IVF Center & Sexual Health Clinic, Chennai.

The Clinic is One of the Best Centres in Chennai to treat Male Fertility and Sexual Health Problems. Many men suffer in isolation with problems of Infertility, Premature Ejaculation (Quick/Early Ejaculation), Erectile Dysfunction, Delayed Ejaculation, Low Sperm Quality and several other Sexual Health issues. Men's health had always taken a back seat in these issues in India and most men are reluctant to seek help promptly. Though outwardly they speak of lack of time, on the inside they crave for attention.

Our mission is to ensure that couples suffering from infertility issues due to male problems are offered solutions with cutting edge technology before subjecting them to IVF / ICSI. The state of the art IVF lab ensures that the best sperms and eggs are chosen for ICSI thereby creating the best possible environment for pregnancy with success rates ranging from 50-80%.

At MetroMale Clinic, we see patients as guests at home and begin by "Listening to our patients".

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Gamete preservation before chemotherapy

A big group of people in the reproductive age group are diagnosed with cancer or other such diseases. Oncological patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy run the risk of losing their reproductive potential. An important part of post chemotherapy in both men and women is to maximise quality of their life which includes their reproductive life....Read more...

Sperm Donation - What is it?

Whenever news of Metromale Clinic and Fertility flashes in the newspaper, there are calls from well intentioned, endearing young men asking whether the clinic requires sperm donors. I am pleasantly surprised by these men and their motives often wondering whether there is a touch of altruism here (pun intended). To help matters or make matters worse, the Hindi movie 'Vicky Donor' was a rave adding fuel to fire. ...Read more...

Curvatures of the Penis - Right to Left or Left to Right

The commonest curvature of the penis is the Congenital Penile Curvature which is present right from birth. This is usually caused by an asymmetric development of the covering sheath of the penis (corpora cavernosa). The curve is usually down( ventral). Sometimes the curve is so acute almost to about 90 degrees that young men find it impossible to have sex. This leads to a lot of psychological anxiety....Read more...

A Certification in Sexual Medicine

Dr.Karthik Gunasekaran is an Andrologist, Reproductive Microsurgeon, Sexual Dysfunction Specialist, Embryologist and world renowned Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon. He is currently the only doctor in India to be qualified in these specialties. He is the proud winner of the coveted Prof A.Venugopal Gold Medal in Urology which is the top prize in Urology... Read More


Men's Health & Testosterone
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Sperm Maps - Your GPS to Fatherhood
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Men can talk!!! - Times Health, 30th Nov, 2013
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