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About Metromale Clinic - Andrology, Sexual Health, Fertility & IVF Center

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Great patient care begins with “Listening to your patients”

 At Metro Male Clinic we live by this Motto. A boutique is what we think of it rather than a clinic. Patients are our guests and we believe in the concept of “Enlightened Hospitality” along with the best of our Andrology Services. The clinic is a part of the Metro Birthing and Surgery Center and is housed in 12,000 square feet of pristine well lit space with a pleasant and friendly ambience.

Dr.Karthik Gunasekaran does not subscribe to the concept of patients commuting great distances to visit doctors for trivial issues. Most consults, he feels, can be done over the phone and hence the clinic does pre and post visit phone consults. <a href=’’>You can also talk to the doctor online if you are living too far from this place. Click this link and proceed with registration. </a>This way, men do not have to skip work or spend long hours waiting.
Bright walls and elegant flooring give a home feel to the clinic and make the visit a pleasant stress free experience. Adequate time with patients is key and Dr.Karthik believes that men need to be given time to come out with their problems.

Why should you see us when there are several other Sex and Fertility Specialists in Chennai?

 MetroMale clinic specializes in men and women’s reproductive and sexual health and is the first of its kind in India in terms of its novel health care concepts. Dr.Karthik Gunasekaran has had extensive training in Laproscopic Surgery, Reproductive Microsurgery, Andrology, Embryology and Sexual Medicine which makes him a holistic physician Sexual Health of men and women.

He has trained in the United States with Dr.Paul Turek in Reproductive Medicine/Microsurgery and with Dr.Irwin Goldstein in Sexual Medicine for men and women thereby making him an unique health care provider.This advanced training helps him practice scientific evidence based medicine with cutting edge technology.

The clinic boasts of state of the art medical and surgical equipment for Laproscopy, Embryology, IVF and Reproductive Microsurgery. A friendly relaxed setting eliminates anxiety and stress and makes the clinic a place that patients look forward to visiting. Waiting time is cut to a minimum and follow ups are often done over phone. Friendly nurses and office staff abound about the clinic and ensure the visit is smooth with most issues being resolved at the first visit.

Patient education is key and the clinic periodically conducts patient education seminars in its premises. These seminars often involve other patients who recount their experience in undergoing a procedure and which eases the anxiety of other patients at the clinic.

Also the strategic location of the clinic makes it easily accessible to everyone. Valet parking ensures that you don’t have to worry about your vehicles.


Andrologist, Reproductive Microsurgeon, Sexual Dysfunction Specialist, Embryologist, Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon
DR. MANU LAKSHMIFemale Fertility Expert
Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine, Diploma in Ultrasonography

DR. SHAH DUPESHInfertility Specialist
Infertility Specialist, Andrologist, Sexologist