About MetroMale Clinic – Men’s Fertility Center

Great patient care begins with “Listening to your patients”. At Metro Male Clinic we live by this Motto. A boutique is what we think of it rather than a clinic. The patients are our guests and we believe in the concept of “Enlightened Hospitality”. The clinic is a part of the Metro Birthing and Surgery Center and is housed in 12,000 square feet of pristine well lit space with a friendly ambience.

Dr.Karthik Gunasekaran does not subscribe to the concept of patients commuting great distances to visit doctors for trivial issues. Most consults, he feels, can be done over the phone and hence the clinic does pre and post visit phone consults. This way, men do not have to skip work or spend long hours waiting.

Bright walls and elegant flooring give a home feel to the clinic and make the visit a pleasant stress free experience. Adequate time with patients is key and Dr.Karthik believes that men need to be given time to come out with their problems.

Dr. Karthik with Dr.Paul Turek
Fellowship training with Dr. Irvin Goldstein at San Diego Sexual Medicine