Patient Success Stories

08-03-2016 P2

I was suffering from low sperm count and motility for 6 years . My partner and I had visited many fertility clinics and had consumed tons of medicines and spent lots of money. Dr Karthik was the first one who advised us on the importance of lifestyle. He stressed multiple times on the benefits of adequate rest, good food, exercise, vegan food and meditation. He also gave us some specific antioxidants for improving Sperm quality. After 6 months of treatment my wife conceived by IUI method. We are very grateful to Dr K.

Vikas and Joan

08-03-2016 P1

My wife and I have been married for the past 2 years. In spite of repeated attempts, we were unable to consummate our marriage. We heard about Metro male clinic and we decided to visit the clinic. Dr Karthik was extremely chilled out and easy to talk to . He made us feel that we were his friends right from the beginning. We were advised psychosexual therapy after the initial testing and underwent the same for the next two months and finally it clicked. Life much better now! A big thanks to the doctor and his team.

– Purvi and Sangeetha


I am 37/m from Iraq.  I was diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome after about 3 years into my marriage.  My semen analysis revealed Azoospermia and was told by doctors that I cannot have my own child.  I read about Dr. Karthik on the internet and decided to visit him in Chennai.  Dr. Karthik advised a Micro TESE procedure for sperm retrieval along with ICSI.  Though he said that the chances were not one hundred percent that we find sperm, I decided to go ahead as I knew that he was a very good at what he did.  I underwent the procedure in December.  Dr. Karthik was able to find two tubules with sperms.  My wife got the ICSI and ET done and is now pregnant.  I must thank the almighty for guiding me in this path.  Allah Bless you my good doctor.

A.H, Iraq


I am a student pursuing my Masters in Business Adminstration. I married my girl friend of 4 years, when I was 23.  Post marriage, I had difficulty in having an erection and also maintaining it during the sexual act after marriage.  We were living together before marriage and I did not have any problem whatsoever.  I was very depressed and started having sleepless nights.  A friend recommended Dr. Karthik and we visited him.  After a thorough evaluation with lab tests and scans, Dr. Karthik diagnosed my problem to be due to anxiety and stress.  We had sex therapy for 3 weeks and now we are back on track and rocking.  Since then, I have recommended Dr. Karthik to many of my friends and acquaintances who needed help.

P.J., Chennai


When you cross 50 in India, you are made to believe that your sex life is over.  So, when I had issues with my erections, I almost gave up.  Thought this is normal.  However, there was a certain amount of distress as my wife was only 37 and she was pushing me to seek help.  I found Dr. Karthik on google and was very impressed with his CV and decided to meet him.  Got totally floored even at the first meeting.  He was very patient, listened to me thoroughly and worked out a treatment plan.  He pointed out that my diabetes was not under control, my weight was not in check and probably contributed to what was happening.  Simple lifestyle modifications were suggested.  He did not give me too many medications and reminded me that he did not want me to be dependent on medicines. So, I took his advice and am feeling great now and my wife is very happy.  Thank you doc.

Sam. H. Manik, Chennai