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Frequently Asked Questions

Who? What? Why?

Frequently Asked Questions 2017-12-23T18:42:29+00:00
Who is an Andrologist? 2017-12-23T18:38:08+00:00

Simply putting it across, Andrologist is a specialist in Andrology.

Now, what is andrology and what all does it include?

Andrology is the medical specialty that deals with Male Sexual Health, specifically the reproductive organs including the Penis, Testis and the related Organs.  It also deals with the urological problems related to men. “Science of men” is what it is called sometimes. A counter part of Gynecology which deals with women’s reproductive system.

A good andrologist must be well experienced with the medical and surgical procedures including Vasectomy (Family Planning in Men), Vasovasostomy (reversal of Vasectomy), Orchidopexy, Circumcision and all genital disorders including the following: