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Hernia – Treatment


A hernia is a protusion of the contents of the abdomen into a defect in the abdominal wall. This can be congenital when the hernial sac is filled with fluid and may be termed as congenital hydrocele. Acquired hernias are usually common in people with chronic rise in intra-abdominal pressure like repeated coughing (asthmatics), weight lifters, people with constipation, or people with weak tissues.

A hernia if left alone can get obstructed which means the intestinal movement becomes blocked. These patients present often times with vomiting. Strangulation is when the blood supply of the bowel gets cut because the intestine is blocked for a long time. This is a life threatening condition which can result in gangrene (death) of the intestine.

Hernias can be dealt with Laparoscopically as well as the open technique. At the Metro Male clinic we use Holmium laser through the laparoscope. This helps in release of adhesions with no blood loss. Pain is virtually nonexistent with patients returning home the same day.