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How are Sexual Problems Triggered?-The Role of Stress

How are Sexual Problems Triggered?-The Role of Stress

Sexual functioning which is sexuality, desire and satisfaction is often a cultural and multidimensional thing. No one universal rule or law applies. I often find however there is a single common denominator which plays a great role in affecting sexual functioning. Stress. As we know, it has been proven in studies to affect male and female sexual functioning.

Lets take for example, sex that is required out of compulsion to produce a baby. In medical parlance this is referred to as timed intercourse. However, men find this very stressful as this is intercourse that is forced upon them versus for pleasure. Investigators have proven that this causes erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, anger and unnecessary aggression.

What about stress related to work? Men compensate or rather show their frustration at home by having a low libido or having quick ejaculations. In one particular study some authors actually found that work from home reduced sexual desire among men. Shocking, but true. On the contrary, if one performed well at work, their sexual performance also improved.

Knowing this today, are we going to let our jobs get in the way of our sex lives?Should we actually be carrying our work back home where it can affect our relationship with our partners?

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