Male Fertility

Do’s & Don’t’s

Smoking and Alcohol! Smoking impairs motility of the sperm and hence should be stopped at once. However, it is tough for men who are socially active to give up alcohol. Alcohol in moderation does not influence sperm parameters. However, what needs to be completely avoided is binge drinking. Some men have the habit of postponing drinking and reserving it for the weekend. This results in large quantities of alcohol being consumed in one go. This can suppress sperm production.

Laptop usage can lower sperm counts especially when the computer is placed on the patients lap. This elevates scrotal temperature by at least 2 degrees and is detrimental to sperm. Changing to a desk top or avoiding lap top usage reverses counts in 3 months.

Exposure to heat for prolonged periods of time like unwinding in a steam room or Jacuzzi can also affect sperm counts. Hence it is wise not to indulge in this if one is trying to become a father.

Good sleep. 6-7 hours of restful sleep beats stress . Exercise in moderation is good.
A good vegetarian protein diet helps. Non vegetarian in moderation is alright. Walnuts have recently shown to be beneficial for sperms.