Male Fertility

Micro TESE

The procedure is of great help in patients with Non Obstructive Azoospermia when the sperm map reveals only one to two hot sperms showing sperm. This procedure requires microsurgical expertise. Testicular extraction of sperm is done under high power magnification. Usually done under regional or general anaesthesia. A scrotal incision is made and the testis is delivered through the wound. It is then bivalved and the search for sperm containing tubules is done under the operating microscope. The figure below shows the testis being bivalved and the enalrged tubule being identified under the microscope. This tubule would be picked up and sent to the lab which would be screened by the embryologist for the presence of sperm.


At the Metro Male clinic, Dr.Karthik being a Microsurgeon and an Embryologist does the screening himself. This way the interobserver variability is negated and results are highly satisfactory.