Male Sexual Health

Do’s & Don’t’s

Don’t chase a grinded sparrow’s nest or tiger tails to spruce up your sex life. A good balanced diet with proteins and reduced carbohydrates will go a long way. Keep the cholesterol and sugar levels under check. Avoid taking over the counter exercise pills or protein supplements. Lose weight. A morning jog three to four times a week that you look forward to will be a great place to start. Running releases endorphins and creates a feeling of wellness that helps in bed. Erectile dysfunction could be a harbinger of Cardiovascular disease as the vessels that supply the penis are only marginally smaller than the ones that supply the heart. Hence, seeking help early and getting a cardiac evaluation makes sense.

Too much of exercise, say 3-4 hours in the gym everyday would lower testosterone levels. Testosterone is a steroid that plays a key role in regulating sexual health in men. It may be prudent for men above 40 years to get their testosterone levels checked once.

Sleep as always is good for sex. Stimulation is even better. No matter what medication is given for Erectile Dysfunction, if there is not enough stimulation, erection will not occur.