Get a Second Opinion

Why a Second Opinion?

Medicine is not an exact science. Hence, expected results from procedures do not always happen. Patients, many a times are confused when events unfold over which they have no control. The discussion that they had with the physician, expected results, their understanding of the problem which stems from this, could be different from what the physician intended. This increases anxiety levels. These days information is freely available on any topic under the sun. The so called medical websites further confuse the patient as to what is right. With all this information overload and the inbuilt stress that comes with infertility, patients are not sure anymore as to which is the right procedure to undergo. This is where a second opinion helps.

A second opinion is usually given by a doctor who is not the primary care giver of the patient. A second opinion can be given by phone or by mail. Patients are also welcome to book an appointment and visit the doctor if necessary. A second opinion given by an expert provides an unbiased outsiders perspective of the current clinical scenario. This may confirm or entirely change the management plan for the patient. When there is a confirmation from the expert the patient knows that he is heading in the right direction and puts them at ease throughout the intended course of treatment. Like an alternative plan would make them do a little research before plunging head on!


Why a Second Opinion from Dr.Karthik?

When it comes to Andrology and Sexual Medicine, Dr.Karthik Gunasekaran is a true expert. A Urology gold medalist with an impeccable academic career spanning fifteen years, he understands and connects with his patients. Armed with Andrology and Embryology Fellowships and having trained extensively in the United States with Dr.Paul Turek in Reproductive Microsurgery and with Prof Irwin Goldstein in Sexual Medicine, he is highly sought after in Men’s health. Patient reports are read through diligently by Dr.Karthik and his team and additional tests if required are asked for. An evidence based plan is then formulated by Dr.Karthik . This can typically take 48-72hrs. This is then discussed with the patient on phone or sent through as an email attachment. Many a time, a second opinion has resulted in a patient saying “Oh my God, why were we not told about this before”!The treatment plan can change entirely sometimes based on Dr.Karthik’s opinion.


How to get a Second Opinion at the Metro Male Clinic

Now, getting a second opinion is very easy.  Just register with http://onlineconsult.metromaleclinic.com, buy an Online Consultation and start asking your questions with any reports that you may have.