When you cross 50 in India, you are made to believe that your sex life is over.  So, when I had issues with my erections, I almost gave up.  Thought this is normal.  However, there was a certain amount of distress as my wife was only 37 and she was pushing me to seek help.  I found Dr. Karthik on google and was very impressed with his CV and decided to meet him.  Got totally floored even at the first meeting.  He was very patient, listened to me thoroughly and worked out a treatment plan.  He pointed out that my diabetes was not under control, my weight was not in check and probably contributed to what was happening.  Simple lifestyle modifications were suggested.  He did not give me too many medications and reminded me that he did not want me to be dependent on medicines. So, I took his advice and am feeling great now and my wife is very happy.  Thank you doc.

Sam. H. Manik, Chennai