I am 37/m from Iraq.  I was diagnosed with Klinefelter syndrome after about 3 years into my marriage.  My semen analysis revealed Azoospermia and was told by doctors that I cannot have my own child.  I read about Dr. Karthik on the internet and decided to visit him in Chennai.  Dr. Karthik advised a Micro TESE procedure for sperm retrieval along with ICSI.  Though he said that the chances were not one hundred percent that we find sperm, I decided to go ahead as I knew that he was a very good at what he did.  I underwent the procedure in December.  Dr. Karthik was able to find two tubules with sperms.  My wife got the ICSI and ET done and is now pregnant.  I must thank the almighty for guiding me in this path.  Allah Bless you my good doctor.

A.H, Iraq