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Sex Therapy or Psychotherapy for Non Consummated marriages

Sex Therapy or Psychotherapy for Non Consummated marriages

I have often waxed eloquent about Non consummation of marriages and I find that this is a problem that can be nipped in the bud. It is a shame that young men and women with no or minimal sexual problems are not able to have intercourse for years together. This situation usually ends in a divorce and is highly stressful for the entire family.

The first step involved in a non consummated marriage is to visit the sexologist and get tested after a detailed history and physical. If the tests come back as normal it goes to show that there is no physiological issue and the problem may well be psychological.

This is where sex therapy or psycho therapy comes in. It usually involves seeing the couple about one to two times a week for 3-4 weeks. Therapeutic transactions between the sex therapist and the couple produce an intense emotional response from the couple. They slowly open up to the therapist about their marital conflicts, inhibitions and desires that may be at the root of the sexual dysfunction they are experiencing. The role of the therapist after analyzing all this is to confront the couple with the destructive effects of their behavior on one another and to try and resolve this issue.

Sexual function at a conscious and subconscious level is improved by negating sexually destructive anxiety and doing away with anti erotic behavior. The couple is systematically desensitized by various techniques which reduce anxiety and improve physical bonding.

At our clinic, Sex therapy has been applied with great success and the couples are extremely happy at the end of it. Unchartered territory in the realm of sexual desire and pleasure is experienced by the couple.

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