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Sexual Dysfunction in Men- What is the partners role?

Sexual Dysfunction in Men- What is the partners role?

When someone walks into the office complaining of Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation, how often do we actually evaluate the partners role in it ? The partners role is often overshadowed by looking at the individuals problems. In clinical practice, it is common to see that unsatisfactory relationships stem from sexual problems. It’s a chicken and egg story and we are at a loss to determine what came first. Also sexual function in one partner can cause sexual dysfunction in the other and this has been proven many times over in clinical studies.

In both ED as well as in PE the couple’s relationship is important in both the development and maintenance of the problem. When a man has ED, the partners exhibited decreased sexual drive and desire . Also when the woman is part of the treatment plan long term success of ED treatment is better. This proves that women need to be taken into confidence.

It is of great significance to understand that treatment focussed on sexual dysfunction alone will fail if the dynamics of the relationship is not addressed. Feelings of anger, disappointment and insecurity that develop as a result of ED can be addressed effectively if the relationship improves . Hence it is always important to treat both .

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