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Sexual Orientation Disorders – Causes and Treatment Options 2017-12-13T11:25:24+00:00

Male Sexual Health- Sexual Orientation Disorder

Sexual Orientation Disorders – factors & Treatment

Sexual orientation is the set of the emotional, sexual and relational factors that address the interest to individual of the same sex (homosexuality), opposite sex (heterosexuality), or both sexes (bisexuality). Several researchers have suggested that sexual orientation forms a continuum and cannot be so easily categorized.

At the clinic, men with sexual orientation disorders visit us regularly. Some are confident, some are worried, some anxious and some have sexual dysfunctions. Doubts about orientation and questions about “Am I doing the right thing?” abound. Feelings of guilt are very common. Men having sex with men (MSM) due to social pressures are pushed into marriage. After marriage they have erectile dysfunction with their partners. This is a very common presentation of MSM patients.

A team of experts work with Dr.Karthik on this sensitive issue and include Psycotherapists and Psychiatrists.