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Delayed ejaculation

30 11, 2014

Anorgasmia- A rare but bothersome condition

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Men are familiar with ejaculation of semen. However, most men associate ejaculation with orgasm. It is important to understand that ejaculation and orgasm are two different features. Ejaculation happens by Emission which denotes that semen enters the posterior urethra and expulsion which signifies the propulsion of semen to the exterior. This process is usually accompanied [...]

5 05, 2014

Delayed Ejaculation-Psychological Aspects

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The Diagnosis: The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV-TR) defines delayed ejaculation(DE) as “a persistent delay in or absence of, orgasm in a male following a normal sexual excitement phase during sexual activity that the clinician, taking into account the person’s age , judges to be adequate in focus, intensity and [...]