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varicocele surgery

24 06, 2015

Varicocele Repair in Azoospermia

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A varicocele is a dilatation of the veins of the pampiniform (venous) plexus in the spermatic cord in the male. It is a very common finding in infertile men being associated with 15% of men with primary infertility and 80% of men with secondary infertility. Though varicocele repair in infertility has always been a point [...]

18 02, 2015

Do you want to open this “Can of worms”? – The Vainglorious Varicocele

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A man walks into my office. He has been married for two years. Attempts at conception have proved futile. He hands me a Doppler report which states that he has a Bilateral Varicocele, Grade 2. His diagnosis is a clinical varicocele. My observations confirm this. His semen parameters are abnormal. Surgery has been advised he [...]