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Use of Laser in Male Infertility

Use of Laser in Male Infertility

Male infertility is a bane for many a childless couple. The most common affliction that a man presents with is oligozoospermia (reduced sperm concentration ) or Azoospermia ( complete absence of sperm ).

There are many conditions responsible for these problems. Varicocele is one of them. Some procedures for treating these need a testicular biopsy and also others need testicular sperm extraction for ICSI. All procedures to correct male infertility were done using traditional instruments like cautery and knife. Procedures like testicular biopsy, albeit minor, could still cause a lot of pain and trauma to the testis. With the advent of the Holmium Yag Laser, this has become relatively simple.

The laser is an instrument which is used to cut and cauterize tissues with little or no pain and scarring keeping the blood loss to a minimum. The holmium yag laser is a specific kind of laser that can be used to correct varicoceles, perform a testicular biopsy and also used for sperm retrieval.

Other procedures for Men would include hydrocele repair, hernia repair and also a circumcision. Advantages of laser are many . The procedures are minimally invasive and are done as day care. The blood loss is minimal, adhesion formation is kept to a bare minimum and pain is virtually non existent . Recuperation is very quick and patients are able to return to work in less than 24 hrs.

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