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Weak Masturbatory Erections – Do they tell us anything?

Weak Masturbatory Erections – Do they tell us anything?

One out of four patients presenting to MetroMale clinic have fear of masturbation. In fact, some people have stopped masturbating after reading posts on the so called harmful effects of masturbation. However, some men complain of their erections being weaker during masturbation. These are often unmarried men who have not yet had sexual intercourse. Should I worry about them? They have not even had sex yet. Should it matter?

Well, as it turns out, the weaker masturbatory erections (WME) in men who have not yet had sex does seem to matter. Studies for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) have always looked at older men. Treatment in younger men having ED is limited by data. The younger man who complains of ED gets little attention.This, is also because the risk factors for ED like Diabetes, Hypertension, Metabolic syndrome, Cardio vascular disease are always more predominant among older men. In a nice study, investigators looked at men who had WME and no sexual intercourse and compared these men to those who have ED.

The investigators arrived at the conclusion that endothelial dysfunction which basically predicts vascular (blood flow) compromise was also a strong risk factor in younger men. This may also mean that these men are at an increased cardiovascular risk. Hence it is important that we evaluate younger men who complain not only of ED but also those men who have weaker masturbatory erections as well.

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