Causes of quick release of sperm

“What I would like to convey to every man suffering from quick ejaculation is – please don’t suffer in silence. Get in touch with a good sexologist near you and get your problem fixed. If it is a mental issue, few sessions of therapy may be necessary. If your premature ejaculation is a biological issue, medications are available to treat the problem.” Adds Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

Curved Penis (Penile Curvature) – Is it normal?

Curved Penis (Penile Curvature) – how much curve is too much?

Curved Penis (Penile curvature) refers to the ‘bend’ of the penis when erect. In most men (or people with a penis), the penis is not straight when erect. It will be either bending up a little or down or sideways etc. But, if the ‘bend’ is too sharp and is not letting you have intercourse, that’s when you should be concerned and see a good sexologist near you.