Male Sexual HealthWhat causes retrograde ejaculation?

All you need to know about Epididymitis

Before we get to the topic of epididymitis let us first understand the word.

Epididymitis refers to a condition that occurs in the “epididymis”. Epididymis is a part of the
male reproductive system. It is a long, coiled tube that stores sperm and transports it from the testes. It appears as a curved structure on the behind each testis.

By now you would have realized that epididymitis only occurs in males. Now let's dive deeper into the topic.

What causes retrograde ejaculation?

What exactly is it?

“Is it a viral infection? Is it a bacterial infection? Is there any cure? Etc.”

Epididymitis is a condition where the epididymis has an inflammation. This inflammation of the
epididymis is generally caused by bacterial infection or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

In certain cases, the testes are also inflamed along with the epididymis. Such a condition is
termed “epididymo-orchitis”. Very often, it is not easy to identify the cause of the condition and neither if the testes are inflamed or not. So, the condition is often referred to as epididymo-orchitis.

Depending on the duration and severity, epididymitis can also by “acute” or “chronic”. Typically,
if the condition persists for more than 6 weeks; it is said to be chronic.


The most common causes of epididymitis are STDs and bacterial infection. However, there are
other, less frequent, causes. Some of these include injury to the groin, twisting of the epididymis, tuberculosis, urine flowing back to the epididymis, anatomical imperfections and problems, kidney problems and bladder problems.

Can you get it?

Epididymitis is not a very uncommon condition. As a matter of fact, statistically, about 600,000
cases of epidydimitis are reported every year in the United States of America.

The condition is normally caused by STDs and bacterial infection. This makes a large portion of the population vulnerable. Epidydimitis can affect any age group of males, however, people in the age group of 14-35 years are most vulnerable.

Do you have it?


    • Pain in the testes
    • Aggravation of the pain in the testes when raised
    • Inflammation of the testes
    • Burning sensation while urinating
    • Frequent urination
    • Pain during urination
    • Discharge from the penis
    • Scrotum is swollen and feels warm
    • Reddening of the scrotum
    • Blood in semen

How to avoid epididymitis?

With few simple routines and practices combined with a healthy diet, one can easily avoid epididymitis.

      • Drinking enough water and staying hydrated.
      • Practicing safe sex.
      • Circumcision reduces the risk of epididymitis.
      • Regular exercise.
      • Do not hold back urine for long periods of time.

Should you see a doctor?

The straight-up answer to this question is YES! It highly recommended that you do not self-
medicate after a self-diagnosis. Often times the situation is not the same as one concludes. Even if you have most of the symptoms mentioned in this article, it is still not conclusive that you


  1. Sir,We are trying for a baby, . After the intercourse, sperm is leaking out from vagina, will it stops pregnancy? Pls need your guidance

    • Hello Mr. Mohamed, sperm coming out of vagina is normal.
      Just ask your partner to lie down for some time (10 minutes or so) instead of getting up, standing and walking after sex.

      If your wife still doesn’t conceive, please let me know. I can advise you further.
      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

  2. Sir,I am 25 years old unmarried male.Before 2 years my urologist diagnosed and found that i had Bladder Outlet Obstruction with prostate infection also he told that birth defect was the reason for BOO.He advised to take a surgery after few years.
    The problem is I am not getting proper erection
    I have the desire to masturbate everytime but it is very difficult because of insufficient erection.
    Is there any relation between BOO and erection?
    Please suggest me a temporary solution to improve the erection

    • Sivabalan, please get your reports and see me. There is no temporary solution, it has to be checked and then only I can advise you.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

  3. Hi sir ;
    My name ajith ,I am 23 years old, I had only one scrotum in birth ,so noe i have only one scrotum ,The other one I took out of operation,Do I have any problems with masturbation twice a day?

    • Hi sir, I am Ranjith , a 23 yr old male. I ve been masturbating for 6 years watching porn unwillingly but with no hope to control this habit. I couldn’t concentrate on my studies as well as my personal lyf just because of this habit .In order to get rid of this habit,I started doing Edging practice in order to jerk without ejaculating the semen. I am doing this edging for the past 1 and a half years and able to hold my semen for 1-2 hours without knowing its consequence .So I used to end up edging without releasing my semen ,whenever i feel that urge. As a result i ejaculated once in 20-30days since i could control myself from not releasing semen .So i felt so confident in my lyf ,doing my activities regularly and successfully.Bt from last November ,I could see a less amount of semen only got released whenever i try to ejaculate ,much lesser than what i actually ejaculated in the past beginning years before i got into this edging practice ..And also i feel some less sensation and little difficulty while jerking . But i get regular erections at mornings and in times of urge. Only the amount of semen got lesser, which makes me so disgusting and inferior about myself .Is it due to edging ? If edging for hours watching porn ,lead to infertility? When i happen to see some videos in English YouTube channels ,they speak highly about edging and semen retention and suggests that this edging problem can be curable. Is this really curable?
      I request you to suggest some exercises or food habits for this problem as i feel hesitant to consult a doctor directly. Moreover, i regularly follow your YouTube channel and request you to do a video regarding edging, its merits and demerits, Sir..

      • I also add up a point that my semen doesn’t get ejaculated with a blast .. is it harmful for sperm’s motility in future?

        • Sperm Motility doesn’t depend on how you ejaculate. It depends on how well the sperms can swim in the semen and how long they can be active.

        • Yes sir , Thank you fr your information and i saw your video too. Bt my doubt is , Edging without ejaculation and retaining semen by edging is a good thing or a bad one? And less amount of semen due to this Edging habit is a good sign or not ? I just want to clarify this Sir…

  4. Hi sir, I have a chronic epididymitis and varicocele grade-2 in left testicle. I have been taking homeopathy treatment for 1 month and my doctor told me that I should not masturbate because it causes shrinkage of testicles and penis size. Is it true? It’s not like I doubt what he said but he is my family doctor so I am feeling uncomfortable to ask him more details.

    • Hello Deepak, Masturbation should not cause any problems. Don’t worry.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran.

      • Thank you sir for your valuable suggestions.
        I forgot to tell you that the growth of my facial hair is a bit slowed, and I have gained some weight even though I am doing exercises. was it because of lower testosterone levels caused by varicocele?

  5. Hello Sir, I am Ajay Prabu age 21.My semen is watery sir. I can’t get sufficient erection also. I am feeling very guilty. Is there any possible ways to increase my sperm count.

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