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This article can be considered a continuation of our earlier article on Prone Masturbation (Negative effects of prone masturbation). Prone masturbation can simply be explained as a position of masturbation where a man lies face down on his chest masturbates. During this process, the person applies pressure on the erect penis for more pleasure. The pressure can be given either by pressing his hip to the bed/pillow under him or by pressing or even squeezing the penis with his palms very hard. While the pain or pressure given can translate into pressure but the lesser known fact is that this habit can result in sexual dysfunction including erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction.

In medical terms, Prone Masturbation is also called ‘Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome’.

How prone masturbation can affect sexual functioning of a man?

The excess pressure applied either by pressing the hip against the bed or pillow or by pressing the penis region with palms hard can numb the area. That means, when you apply little pressure or stimulation, that may not even be felt at all. Even when you are about to have real sex or during the foreplay, you may not experience any sensation in the area that can make your penis erect. This is a typical case of erectile dysfunction caused by the habit of prone masturbation.

On the other hand, even if you are able to get an erection, the act of oral or penetrative sex may not arouse you enough that can result in ejaculation. You may take significantly longer time to achieve orgasm and ejaculate or you may not ejaculate at all causing ejaculation dysfunction.

“Very little research has been done on prone masturbation but several young to very young patients who consulted me with erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems had the habit of prone masturbation” says Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran, director and Chennai’s one of the very popular sexologist at Metromale Clinic & Fertility Center.

More on Prone Masturbation (Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome)

How can you know if prone masturbation is affecting your sexual health?

Note that sexual health problems may not only result from prone masturbation but there are several other factors. However, just by observing the response of your body, you will be able to understand if your sexual health is being affected by prone masturbation.

  1. Losing interest in sex and prefer to go prone. If regular oral or penetrative sex is not giving you enough pleasure and if you continue preferring to go with prone masturbation, you can consider yourself a victim of prone masturbation.
  2. Unable to have an erection even after enough stimulation by your partner. When you are mentally aroused and interested in going for the act but you are unable to achieve an erection even after foreplay, oral or enough stimulation by your partner, you should see your doctor immediately and report the issue.
  3. Inability to have an orgasm or ejaculation. We do note that orgasm and ejaculation are two different things usually happen together. If you are not able to ejaculate even after a hard core performance (if you like to call it that way), you can be sure that prone masturbation has taken you over.
  4. If you are not able to maintain erection. If you are able to have an erection but unable to keep it that way because your penis doesn’t feel that it is stimulated enough or getting enough sensation, sure, prone masturbation can be the cause.

How you can help yourself if you are used to prone masturbation?

  1. Stop prone masturbation. Totally. There is no best way than to stop a bad thing. It may need will power and once you stop doing it, in a few weeks, you will be able to masturbate normally and ejaculate. All you need to do is, just stop prone masturbation.
  2. Don’t try masturbating normally immediately after stopping prone. This may not work. You need to give good gap between masturbations so that your penis will become erect even with a little stimulation. This way, you can make your penis more sensitive (compared to prone sensation) and make it respond to proper stimulation. Define ‘good gap’, you can start with a gap of couple of weeks but surely not just a day or two when you just started coming out of prone.
  3. Try different positions other than prone. Just like sex, you can masturbate in various sitting, standing, lying down on your back or side etc even when masturbating. Understand how your body is responding to stimulations of penis in different positions, this can help you practice other types of masturbations.
More on Prone Masturbation (Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome)

Will you ever be normal if you stop prone masturbation and if not, what to do?

This is one of the several questions that we get from people having erection problems or ejaculatory problems who have stopped prone masturbation. If you don’t have any other sexual health issue, you will surely be out of prone masturbation after stopping. If you are having problems with erections or ejaculation even after few months after stopping prone masturbation, you must surely see a sex therapist near you.  Your sexologist can surely help you get back your erections and confidence.


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    Iam Abdul Mohsin from Cuddalore. Iam married & I had sex for past 6 months. But we don’t have baby yet. We tested prolactin hormone test for my wife. It’s showing more than normal. Also she has irregular 44 days period. Also minor pcos. So she is following diet

    I tested testosterone hormone for myself. It’s showing less around 176 ng/ml. How to overcome this Sir? How to Change my lifestyle, what kind of foods I want to avoid, what diet I have to follow, and I wear brief & it looks normal such that my penis touches with my body all time. So what you advise me with regards to wearing inner? Do you want me to wear trunk, boxer ? Kindly advise me Sir

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