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Myths & Facts about HIV - AIDS

Having HIV and having AIDS – are both the same?

No, they both are not the same.

HIV – Human Immunedeficiency Virus is a multi-strain virus that destroys CD4 immune cells. These cells help our body fight infections. When the count of these cells drops, body will be easily infected by any kind of microbe. When ART (Anti Retroviral Treatment) is going on, HIV does not progress into AIDS condition easily where the CD4 cell count drops below 200.

AIDS – As HIV infection grows in the body, they destroy more and more CD4 cells and finally drop their count so much so that body can get infected by even a simple bacteria. Such a condition is called AIDS where the total immune system of human body is destroyed.

HIV AIDS Treatment in Chennai - best hospital

Does HIV spread through casual contact?

No. For HIV transmission, doesn’t spread through:

  1. casual touching
  2. sharing towels, toilets, food etc

It is mandatory that there should be exchange of bodily fluids from infected person to healthy person such as unprotected sex, kissing with open wounds, sharing of needles etc

How long a person infected with HIV live?

It is not certain that a person infected with HIV will live only for 5 years or 10 years or 12 years. It varies from person to person and how well they are taking their treatment and how well their body is responding to those medicines.

The AntriRetroviral Medicines keeps check on HIV from multiplying. However, at one point of time, HIV takes over the body and turns into AIDS.

Can you detect just with symptoms?

Absolutely NO. HIV in some cases doesn’t even show up any symptoms. In some cases, people may experience rashes, sore throat, fever, flu, swollen lymph nodes, muscle aches.

Just these symptoms are not enough to diagnose HIV because many virus will give the same symptoms.  You need to see your sexologist to get tested and undergo recommended treatment.

To know when to get tested for confirmed HIV results, please read the following blog article:

When to get tested for confirmed HIV results?

Is HIV Curable?

As of now, human trials are underway. However, HIV has various types of strains in their DNA which makes making a vaccine very difficult. There is no known cure for HIV infection in our modern day medicine. Read the following to know about the status of HIV Vaccine development and why there is no cure for HIV yet:


The HIV Vaccine: Why is it not there yet?

When both partners have HIV, is condom still required?

Well, it may sound like – the worst has already happened, who cares if you still need a condom or not. But, a condom would still be necessary.

Either of the infected persons may be having several other infections because HIV has weakened their immune system. They can easily get transmitted to the healthier person if a condom is not used, making the other person’s case also worse.

Can a HIV infected mother have a healthy baby?

Possible. If mothers get infected during pregnancy, the risk can be lowered by taking the right medication from an experienced sexologist. They should treat their infection with utmost care so that the baby is not born infected.

Does your insurance cover treatment for HIV?

Many / most health insurance policy providers don’t take care of expenses incurred due to ‘Pre Existing Medical Conditions’. If you contracted HIV infection after policy inception, then you may be covered as per the clauses mentioned in your policy documents.

You can check with your insurance provider or you can check with our admin team in our hospital after you consult the doctor.


  1. Hi Sir,
    I have query regarding a black, brown on the penis.
    I don’t know when I get that mark on the cap of penis little.
    Now I noticed it’s spreed as 2 or 3 marks.
    No issues or pain of it. Only change on the skin.
    I have consulted doctor and he mentioned it’s tinea or warts.

    Why we get that is it a problem?

    • Genital Warts are caused due to HPV infection. This is a viral infection and you if you have this infection, you can spread it to your partners.
      You must consult a good sexologist, get tested and take appropriate treatment.

      Thank you,
      Dr. Karthik Gunasekaran

    • Hi sir
      I recieved a massage with out oil, unsafely without condom with a un known person
      No other sexual activity involved.
      No vaginal or anal sex.
      Am i at hiv risk ? Please say sir.

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