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Negative Effects Prone Masturbation and how to overcome it


  • Lying on your chest/stomach, applying intense pressure on your penis and genitals to masturbate is called ‘Prone Masturbation’.
  • When you get used to prone masturbation, your body stops responding to lighter stimulus by you or your partner resulting in ejaculatory problems and erection problems.
  • You need to have will power to stop prone masturbation and you must follow the guidance of your sexologist to return to normal if you are addicted to prone masturbation.

What is Prone Masturbation?

When a man lies down on his chest/stomach and masturbates, the position and act is called ‘Prone Masturbation’. The person usually applies pressure on his erect penis by pushing himself (his hip) towards the bed, pillow or the floor. Some may even thrust their hip into their hands by putting them around his penis.

This puts more pressure in the area than usual masturbation and men find more pleasure masturbating this way. While this may sound exciting, hold on your horses for a minute and read further. Continuous prone masturbation can lead to sexual dysfunction (which we will see in this article) and other orgasm related complications. Such a condition is called ‘Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome’.


Why is prone masturbation bad?

When you lie face down and put pressure on your genitals with your hip pressing downwards and hands pressing upwards, there is a lot of pressure that is felt in that area. As you get used to get this kind of pressure to ejaculate, your body will ejaculate only when such pressure is laid next time when you masturbate.

However, when having actual sex or masturbating in other positions, the pressure that is put on the genitals will be way less than that when performing prone masturbation. As a result, you may not reach orgasm and/or you may not ejaculate. In order to ejaculate, you may have to perform your sexual act way longer than usual, which can cause ‘delayed ejaculation’. Also, in order to stimulate and get an erection, you may have to apply a lot of pressure which can cause erectile dysfunction.

In short, prone masturbation can cause ejaculatory problems such as anejaculation, anorgasmia, delayed ejaculation and/or erectile dysfunction.

Next comes the psychological impact. When you have difficulty getting an erection or ejaculating, your mind feels stress and anxiety. You will start doubting yourself if you can ever get an erection and have sex with your partner. This in-turn adds up to erectile dysfunction problem, making it worse.


How will you know if prone masturbation is having a negative impact on you?

  1. If you are not able to reach orgasm when masturbating in a different position or having sex with your partner. However you try by yourself or with your partner, if you are not able to ejaculate and/or reach orgasm, you must understand that prone masturbation has taken you over.
  2. If you start disliking having actual sex or don’t want to masturbate in any other position other than prone, you must understand that your body and mind got habituated to that intense pressure.
  3. If you are not able to get or maintain an erection – With normal stimulation by yourself or your toys or by your partner is not enough to make your penis erect or if you are not able to maintain that erection, realize that you are already in the middle of the problem.

What is the solution for prone masturbation?

You are the solution for prone masturbation and your sexologist should be your teacher/guru who can help you get out of the situation. Here are few things you can do to get out of prone masturbation:

  1. Stop masturbating completely. When you stop masturbating totally, after few days or weeks, you will start having erections even with lighter stimulation. Then you can try masturbating in normal position. Repeat the process. When you give good amount of gap, say a month, your body will start responding to mild sensations in your genitals. When you continue that routine, you can easily come out of the habit of prone masturbation.
  2. Reduce the frequency of masturbation – Similar to the above mentioned method, you can give long pause between masturbations. This can erase all the negative impacts of frequent and high pressured masturbations that you had been doing previously.
  3. Masturbate in different positions – When you are masturbating after giving a gap, try different positions such as standing, sleeping on your back etc, so that your body will start responding to the stimulus in different positions. As a result, when you have real sex with your partner, you will start enjoying every position.

On the whole, is masturbation a good or bad habit?

As per modern science, masturbation is a healthy habit. There is no upper limit on the number of times you ejaculate in a day; either through masturbation or sex. However, there are other branches of science such as ayurveda, siddha, unani, Taoism etc who advise otherwise. Those sciences don’t advise men to masturbate and have their reasons for suggesting so.

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide what to do and what not to do. If you decide to pleasure your mind and body with masturbation, just go ahead! Just make sure that you don’t hurt yourself in the process.


  1. Hi sir, i am 19 year old male virgin,I found in mirror that my penis glans/head is pointing downwards , it is like bend,but the penis body is straight when erect. I do have a history of prone masturbation for more than 6 years.But i don’t have problem urinating and I can get erections, masturbate with hands normally.But in prone I’ll finish in 1-2 mins, I remember my penis is not erect while doing so.Now I stopped prone position.
    Is this bend due to prone position or is it normal bend?
    Do I have to consult a doctor?
    Please help me sir.

  2. Sir i can ejaculate by doing normal handjob bor doing sex with my partner I can’t reach orgasm but in prone I can do it in 1 min please helped me out of this habitat

  3. sir i have stopped prone mastrubation for about 4 months i am getting better errections when i do normally i am getting sensations but not able to get orgasm (age 19) will i be able to have a good sex life after 5 years quitting mastrubation completely and concentration on studies , still now i am not able to get orgasm but my errections r very strong will it improve

  4. I am doing the prone masturbation at the of 12 . When I try for the hand masturbation I am not able to do it.after few days later I try for hand masturbation this time finally I do it the hand masturbation now I am able to maintain a good erection. Yet now there is any chance to I have a erectile dysfunction. Just feel like depression. Always think like what will happen if we get the problem of ED. Yet any chance of ED in future for me. Please help me sir

  5. since chilhood ,I use prone method for mastrubation .I dont dont have ejacualtion during normal mastrubation . I am 22 now ,how can i overcome with it ? Is there any possiblity of getting normal ?

  6. Hello sir ..Sir I have been masturbating prone since last 10 years and recently I have stopped masturbating and I have not had any side effects in my erectile ejaculation and penile sensivity So can I feel fit and I can do prone maturbate twice a week?

  7. Sir! I’m 20yrs and I have been practicing prone masturbation for more than 6 years. And my penis is pointing downwards and bend when I get erection and also it takes long time to masturbate with hands, I need to apply more pressure to get ejaculated.

    To overcome this, If I stop masturbation for some months and then start with normal masturbation, Will I overcome and have a good erection And Is this enough to overcome??
    Will I surely overcome and have a good sex life??

  8. Sir I am 25 years old…I have been doing prone masturbation for nearly 13 years..Recently in June I saw your video and stopped it…After stopping masturbation for 1 month..I was able to do conventional masturbation..currently for past 2 weeks I’m able to do conventional method at ease…the strength of erections seems to be reduced from what I remember in teenage..Penile erect size too appears to have slightly reduced by 2 cm or so…will I get my erectile strength back sir?
    Also sir while on no masturbation, I feel urge and leads to blue ball syndrome..is it normal sir?
    Kindly reply

  9. Sir I have been doing prone masturbation for 4years I was not aware of the side effects .Now it is been one week I stopped masturbating now should I stop masturbating for 1 month like this or for a year ?I have tried normal masturbation one or two times I feel it is weird and unable to do

  10. I have been doing prone masturbation daily since more than 12 years now. Recently I have noticed that I am not able to maintain a proper erection while masturbating. What should I do? Is it temporary?

  11. Sir I’m 25 ..I have done prone masturbation for 13 years…I have stopped it 3 months back and can masturbate conventionally for past 1 month…The erection seems to be not that strong and penile rigidity is not that firm…will I get back to normal sir?…Kindly reply sir…

  12. Sir I am 19 yes old boy I just masterbation for 1 year daily now I have stoped it in YouTube vedio they said if sperms drop down in water the sperms is more.but my sperm is slight floating on water sir what do I do sir.

  13. Ever since I hit puberty I have been following the prone masturbation. I’m 27 today and I still follow it. Concern is that now I am facing issues. I don’t get proper erections while with a partner. And when I do get a hard on( like a real gigantic one) and as soon as I try to wear a condom it fades away. What should I do?

      • Sir,
        I have done prone masturbation for 9 years of time from my 17 th age to now. After reading your articles and seeing your videos i got nervous and frightened. Then i decided to quit prone forever. But what actually makes me feel is that i cant ejaculate by conventional method even after 7 days of abstain period and i become very tensed. What shall i do to overcome this? Do i need to wait for a long time.?

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