Paraphimosis Paraphimosis is a condition where the retracted foreskin cannot be pulled over the tip of the penis. The condition is defined as when the foreskin is pulled back behind the tip of the penis and it gets stuck there. The retracted foreskin and the penis become swollen and fluid can build up. Paraphimosis is a…

Paraphimosis - Phimosis - Treatment in Chennai

Paraphimosis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Paraphimosis is a condition where the retracted foreskin of the penis cannot be returned to its normal position (in an uncircumcised individual). Paraphimosis is a relatively uncommon condition and is most commonly due to iatrogenic reasons or inadvertently caused condition. Paraphimosis defers from phimosis in that in phimosis the foreskin cannot be retracted beyond the glans penis. Paraphimosis is a clinical emergency as failure to recognise and treat this can lead to loss of the glans penis.

Paraphimosis - Phimosis - Treatment in Chennai

Paraphimosis- A common problem!

Paraphimosis is a surgical emergency that results from the prepuce (foreskin) being stuck at the corona glandis (rim of the glans). The patient is unable to roll the skin back normally. This condition usually occurs in individuals who have a tight prepuce. The trigger could be forceful prolonged duration masturbation or it could be intercourse in a dry vagina. When this occurs there is usually pain and swelling that results from blockade of lymphatics in that area. As time progresses the swelling becomes worse and chances of the paraphimosis reducing on its own become negligible.